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      Top 3 amusement parks in the world

      By cooldude | March 11, 2013

      Amusement parks, fun destinationAmusements Park is a place which holds a point of interest for everyone. No matter what your age is but you would love visiting one of them. These places take every elderly one to their childhood days. Visiting the best amusement parks in the world would give you the best memories to cherish. The top three amusement parks in the world, that you would love visiting in your life time are given below.

      • Cedar point, this is an amusement park situated in Ohio. It is the world’s largest park where you will need almost a day to enjoy everything. It is famous for its roller coaster and also the sandy beach where you can relax.
      • Disney world, Florida is an amusement that is famous among everyone around. Disney amusement park is known for its rides and the magical world created by the Disney characters. The highlight of the park is its fireworks at the end of the day.
      • Busch Garden Europe, Williamsburg Virginia is an amusement park where you can visit Europe without even going there. It is known for having all the taste of Europe.

      So go ahead and have the time of your life in these beautiful and amazing amusement parks.

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