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      Things to Do In Oahu: A Great Hawaiian Island

      By Ricky | July 6, 2015

      Hawaii is considered to be a great store house of islands. It is great chain of mesmerizing islands. Among this chain of Hawaiian Islands, considered as the gathering place Oahu is the third largest island of Hawaiian chain. Oahu properly justifies its nick name as a large number of people reside in Oahu and plenty of travelers visit Oahu for its eye pleasing views, Delicious food and attractive and interesting activities to do. Hawaii is a collection of various arts, languages, traditions, entertaining activities and much more. Talking specifically about our third largest island Oahu, it also offers attention grabbing activities to do and take joy of your visit in Oahu.

      Go to Luau

      LuauOahu’s existence represents a remarkable part of Hawaiian culture. Luau is such a place of Oahu which is a heaven on earth and depicts of the time by giving the people experience of how Hawaiian people lived, ate and have their wonderful traditional life and celebrations. Fascinating activities of Oahu includes stringing a lei, throwing a spear while you are knowing about history of Hawaii, weaving a headband and much more. The meaning of Luau is feast and coming to a place named feast how to go without trying out its special cuisine. Try out lomi salmon, taro bread rolls, juicy kalua pork and cold haupia. I bet you won’t regret trying any of these.

      Lolani Palace

      Lolani palaceHawaii was ruled by monarchy during the period of 1890’s. During this period of time lolani palace was the official residence of the king kalakaua, his sister, queen Liliuokalani, and their successor. Don’t forget to visit this royal palace and while your visit, see the feasts in the state dining room, see the private chambers of the royal family, also see the throne room and imagine the royal balls with dance and music. Don’t miss out the room where kings used to play cards.  The most interesting place is imprisonment room where the queen was arrested for 5 months and during that time the quilt that she sewed is also a thing to be seen while your visit.

      Koko head stairs

      Koko head stairsKoko head stairs, located within the Koko head park on the south shore of Oahu. Koko stairs is a stair master which includes 1000 steps giving you an awesome natural view. Decades ago, this trail was built originally as a rail road to bring the supplies of military to the bunkers up top. You will be able to take a view of skinny Koko head trail climb to the mountains if you are driving towards the Haunama bay. While your visit to Koko head stairs don’t forget to accompany yourself with a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a sun glasses, sunscreen , hat and water. You will need this all while climbing this 1000 stairs of Koko. Advisable time to go up there is sunset or sunrise and daytime would be difficult due to its unbearable heat. The view at the top will leave you breathless and stunned making you feel so lucky that you are in Hawaii.

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