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      Things To Do In Chicago

      By cooldude | September 12, 2014

      travel to chicagoChicago is undoubtedly one of the most frequented tourist hot-spots of the world. The 3rd most populous city in US greets its visitors with a treasure trove of attractions that makes the Chicago tour one of the most unforgettable events of a lifetime. The beautiful city hosts something for everybody- regardless of gender, age and interests. Are you too planning a tour to Chicago of late? Well, then there are certain attractions that you should not miss out on you itinerary.

      • Navy Pier

      Your Chicago tour will stay incomplete if you do not hit the Navy pier that has been a landmark in the city since 1916. You will love the wide range of dining, shopping & entertainment options here including beer garden & IMAX Theater. Your kids will certainly love the Children’s Museum, Crustal Gardens and of course the giant 150 feet Ferris Wheel. Navy pier is adored for its spectacular lake view & the soothing cool breeze.

      • Chicago Art Institute

      If you are passionate about art, don’t forget to visit the Chicago Art Institute. The historical destination is revered as one among the greatest art museums of the world & deservedly so- you will find her phenomenal collections right from 3 thousand B.C. till the present day. The 2nd largest art museum of USA hosts masterpieces from all across the world, including both impressionist & post-impressionist paintings.

      • Chicago Botanical Garden

      The famous Botanical Garden encompasses a sprawling campus of 385 acres, jotted with twenty-three specialty gardens, structured on a range of lakes & islands. It’s like a living museum which is always bustling with year-round festivals, exhibits, special events & tours. It’s a must-visit, especially in spring & summer.

      • Field Museum

      Make sure to hit the Field Museum as well to get a taste of Underground Adventure. The Museum takes you to Egyptian tomb, brings forth Tsavo man-eater lions and also places you before glowing lava stream. You will able to discover interesting facts about worlds culture & environments.

      • Chinatown

      Don’t forget to tread across the Chinatown to get a feel of authentic oriental culture. You will love the sumptuous bakeries here handing out lip smacking almond cookies & chestnut cakes. Then, you have the tea stalls where you can relish a warm green cuppa.

      • Lincoln Park

      It’s the largest park in Chicago stretching across 6 miles. The park assures a spectacular view with its picturesque trails, lakes & paths.

      • Shedd Aquarium

      A family tour to Chicago is never complete if you don’t take your kids to the world famous Shedd Aquarium. It’s the biggest indoor aquarium in the world with 22,000 plus marine species from all across the globe. You will find some of the most exotic aquatic species here such as white-sided frolicking dolphins, beluga whales etc. The shark exhibit is one of the top attractions of the museum. You will also love the 4D theater show.

      Finally, don’t forget to hit the Historic 66 Route, the most famous highway of America.

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