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      The breathtaking view of Pamukkale in Turkey

      By cooldude | April 28, 2013

      Pamukkale in Turkey is a very beautiful place full of national wonder and is also called the Cotton Castle. This exotic place is located in the south western part of Turkey in the Denizli Province. Due to flowing water, carbonate minerals are deposited which have created natural terrace. It is for these terraces, that Pamukkale is famous all around the world.

      You can also see some hot springs and travertine in this place. The carbonate terraces appear more or less like a cotton castle and that is where the name is derived from. According to history, the city of Hierapolis was located here many centuries back. But the city has gone completely into ruins.

      It is being said that source of underground water in Pamukkale can cure many diseases. Many thermal hotels and resorts have also sprung up in and Denizli region in Pamukkale. If you ever visit to Turkey, don’t forget to visit Pamukkale and enjoy this exotic, breathtaking view there.

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