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      Places To Visit In Mexico

      By Ricky | June 25, 2016

      Whether you have already planned your vacation to Mexico or just thinking whether Mexico is a safe place to plan a vacation? To get your doubt clear if you are thinking to go Mexico then it is for sure safe place to visit if you choose the right places to visit in Mexico and stay away with bad ones. If you want a great trip but you are tight on your budget and you cannot afford to go to any European destination then neighboring place Mexico is just the right answer for you. Mexico is an really a perfect spot as you have marvelous beaches, exciting night life, colonial towns, lush green jungles, mid blowing city and archeological spots and many more things to do and explore the place.  But apart from this beautiful side, Mexico also has its own violent side like drugs, murder, poverty, trafficking and this side puts you off when you think about visiting Mexico. Thus you might be wondering whether it is safe to visit Mexico or not. Mexico is for sure safe to visit unless you know which places to visit in Mexico and which not.  Here are some of the places to visit in Mexico.

      Mexico City was explored by Amerindians and it is considered to be one of the most oldest and ancient cities of America. Mexico city was originally built by Aztecs in the year 1925 as Tenochtitlan and thus the history behind the city is by far one of the best attractions which it has got to offer. Thus it is by far one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

      On the southwest of the Mexico lies this beautiful spot considered to be the largest beach along with being the Balneario resort city of Mexico. It is a 1950’s hotspot especially for the millionaires’ and Hollywood stars but still a great spot of attraction for many tourists as it offers a great nightlife. Nowadays Acapulco has become a very famous and renowned destination for Americans for want a great spring break searching for parties and explores the beach life. Thus if you are a party person then this is probably one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

      It is one of the urban vacationing places to visit in Mexico. It is a cultural center where you can listen to the mariachi music, you can also go to film festivals, you can visit book fairs and such other cultural events take place in Mexico. If you are interested in sports then it will amaze you to know that Mexico is the house of popular soccer team.  Thus along with this cultural places and things to do, Mexico has an amazing night life where you can drink and do parties and hang around and chill with your buddies. Don’t forget to try drinking the real tequila while you are visiting Mexico as it is the place where tequila was born. Thus these are some of the best and fantastic and also safe places to visit in Mexico.

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