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    • A trip to Las Vegas

      By cooldude | November 17, 2013

      trip to Las VegasA trip to Las Vegas is definitely a dream come true opportunity to you. As a matter of fact, you must count this particular trip to be a jaunt into one of the most spectacular places on earth. Every moment of the trip is going to be a special gift for you. You are definitely going to relish every moment of it for sure. So are you willing to know some interesting details about this exciting trip? Well, then here is a discussion for your kind read through? You can consider as a practical tour guide to you.

      • Have an itinerary in mind- Before you are actually going to hit the roads in Las Vegas you should make it a point that you are going to have an itinerary in mind. It is pretty important on your part. So be very meticulous in this aspect.
      • Do take power nap- You should know that you are actually going to indulge in some long lasting tours. So make it a point that you are going to remain fresh and alive all throughout the tour. How on earth are you going to do that? It is simple actually. Do take power nap. You bet that it is going to help.
      • Check out the free shows- while trotting the streets of Las Vegas you can do something really interesting. You can make it a point that you are going to check out the street shows. These are for free and these are great fun.

      You can consider a trip to Las Vegas as a lifetime opportunity for you. As you tend to get involved with this kind of proposition you take a big step. You should know that it is going to be biggest jaunt of your life. So treat this trip especially. Do visit Las Vegas and enjoy a journey of a life time

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      An unforgettable visit to Valencia

      By cooldude | November 9, 2013

      visit to ValenciaValencia is one of the most frequented destinations for any tourist aspiring for a great Spanish holiday. The beautiful city is one of the most significant and biggest of Spanish cities, situated in Valencia region at eastern Spain. Valencia has always managed to thrill her visitors with a wealth of attractions and here is a brief on some of them.

      You will love the Valencia beaches and two of the most exciting of these are Cabiñal-Areanas and La Malvarrosa. Both of them allow the visitors to indulge themselves in a wide range of antics such as swimming, sun bathing, rollerblading etc.- the best time to enjoy these beaches is from April to October. If you are planning for relaxation and tranquility amidst a breathtaking scenic view, Pinedo beach is the destination for you. Pinedo is a sure delight with its golden dunes & rich vegetation that presents you the perfect ambience to relish after your long busy months. The beach also allows to take part in different aquatic adventures like wind surfing, sailing, yachting and dinghy sailing.

      You should not miss out on Valencia countryside as well. Embellished with beautiful mountains, gorges, canyons and hot springs, the countryside shines just like the jewel of eastern Spain. The hot springs, especially, are one of major tourist draws here and these keep on steaming at 770 all through the year. These springs are in a beautiful lagoon where one can opt for snorkeling and swimming,
      Don’t forget to check out on Bellas Artes Museum. It’s one of the most celebrated museums across Spain where you find the rich Spanish culture and history coming together, manifested by iconic Spaniard artists from 16th century– such as Luca Giorand, Juan Leal, Alanso Cano, Augustin Esteve and Thomas Yepes. The museum hosts not only paintings but artifacts & sculptures as well.

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      Shopping Stops For The Shopaholics

      By cooldude | November 1, 2013

      shopping in DubaiThe article here tells you about the paradise places for ultimate shopaholics, especially those who totally believe in the 4 magical words- Shop Till You Drop. Shopping is like a healing therapy for those who love shopping and can go on shopping forever. The places mentioned in this article are like heaven for these people. These have become mesmerizing tourist destinations not only for the kind of places they are but for the charm they create for shopping.

      Hong Kong:

      Known for its exotic traditional jewellery this place attracts tourists from around the globe every month of the year. This island country has a number of designer boutiques and shopping malls overflowing with famous brands making it even more attractive to the shopaholics.


      This Middle Eastern city is filled with the joys of shopping. With top brands like Prada, Gucci, YSL, Louis Vuitton and many more this city is sure handling its business well enough and making profits at a very high rate. The electronics from top brands are also available here making Dubai an even more famous and sought after tourist destination. ‘Sheeshas’ are the famous handmade Arabian souvenirs quite famous among the shopaholic tourists visiting this city.


      The French capital is capable to cater to any need of the person. Whether it is clothes or shoes or handbags this city has it all and a very amazing collection not to mention. This shopper’s paradise is one of the ultimate shopping destinations. World class perfume scents are also available here.


      Dotted with the most amazing flea markets and wonderful boutiques open to all kinds of bargaining, Tokyo is not left too far behind as far as shopping is concerned. It is a hub for every kind of gizmos and gadgets too at affordable and bargain able prices.

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      Dead Sea at Jordan as tourist destination

      By cooldude | October 25, 2013

      Dead Sea at JordanIf you want to visit one of the most interesting and exciting countries in the world Jordan is the place for you to be in. Not only does it have a very rich culture but it has many historical significances as well as the natural scenic beauty. Dead Sea is one of the major tourist attractions at Jordan not only among the locals from the country but people from all around the globe come to visit this country because of the lake. The sea is a lake surrounded by the west bank Jordan and Israel.

      One of the very uncommon things about this lake is that Inspite of it being a lake which clearly means it is inland water, it is salty to taste. There is no life in or around these waters because of its very high salinity and mineral content. No plant growth or water animal gives it a very deserted feeling resulting in the name ‘dead sea’. But every con has a pro to substitute it for. The waters of the Dead Sea have very unnaturally high healing powers. Any skin disease or rheumatic conditioned patient will feel comforted in this water. The mud too has healing properties of its own thus making this lake and the place a wonder and a major tourist attraction; one of its kind.

      With mind blowing scenery around the lake and perfect weather to match up with it, Dead Sea is one of the ideal international tourist destination. One unbelievable thing about its waters is that you will never drown in it scientific reasons obviously apply here- very high salinity. There are monasteries for pilgrims who come here specially to get baptized and hot water springs for tourists who have come here for relaxing thus making this place an ideal destination for holiday.

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      Exploring the heart of Singapore

      By cooldude | October 13, 2013

      travel SingaporeSingapore as we know it is a wonderful place situated in the southeast part of Asia. It is slowly becoming the top choice for holiday destination all around the globe. If you have a tight budget then you can plan your trip accordingly and if you have a grand budget then too Singapore still stays there as a viable option. This country gives us a brilliant travel experience, one with bewildering shopping, intoxicating nightlife and unparalleled sightseeing. Singapore has a diverse and rich culture and cosmopolitan atmosphere is gaining fame day by day all around the world as a varied and vastly populated and famous holiday spot.

      Once you’re there in Singapore there are a lot of amazing things to look out for and do. This place is such that it can be visited with family, with your partner for a romantic holiday or with your adventure friends wanting some more adventure. Singapore gives it all to everyone. People who are interested in history can go to the museums and check out the pieces and collection there. Some of the famous places with history in them being- The National Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Asian civilisation Museum and many more. For people not so much interested in history there are a handful of other things too involve yourself with. Singapore is overflowing with places like fun parks, dolphin lagoons and botanical gardens.

      As for other things, if you want to experience china and their culture then there is this place called china town where you feel like you’ve just walked inside china. There is this place which gives you the complete feeling of being in India too. This feel comes with the shops of spices, fortune tellers, jasmine flowers and Hindu temples located here.

      One place you definitely should visit when in Singapore is the Sentosa islands.

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      Visiting The Hill Stations In India

      By cooldude | October 5, 2013

      Hill Stations In IndiaIn order to enjoy the true beauty of nature you must visit the hill stations located in India. The hill stations in this country are mesmerizingly beautiful and turn out to be a paradise for those who love travelling and nature. If you want a break from your hectic life and want to undertake an adventure trip then you must visit one of the hill stations situated in India. You will be able to enjoy your trip to any of the hill station without any worry because the trip will be safe as well as affordable. Here is a list of the famous hill stations in India. Select any one from this list and plan your hill station trip.

      • Shimla: This capital city of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded on all sides with green meadows, blissful climate and snow-covered mountains. Shimla is a perfect place for adventure sport lovers.
      • Darjeeling: In this hill station you will witness a perfect blend of green forests, picturesque beauty and lavish hills. Darjeeling is located in the state of West Bengal and one can see the stunning sights of Mount Kanchenjunga from this town. You must take the toy-train ride to roam around the town.
      • Manali: Another hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh is Manali. It is a very popular honeymoon destination.
      • Munnar: Located in Kerala, Munnar has beautiful woods, exotic fauna and flora, winding lanes and misty hills to offer to the tourists.
      • Nainital: This is most startling and compelling hill station located in Uttarakhand. Nainital is called the lake city of Uttarakhand and this hill station is surrounded by gorgeous mountains.
      • Mussoorie: Mussoorie is famous not only among nature lovers but also the honeymooners.
      • Srinagar: Srinagar is a delight for the tourists because of the relaxing houseboats and lovely lakes found here.

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      Tips for budget-friendly flight fare

      By cooldude | September 21, 2013

      budget-friendly flight fareAre you planning a vacation soon but worried about the soaring flight fares? Well, it’s true that flight fares have got really expensive today but there are ways how you can actually land up with some fantastic cheap deals. The flight occupies a fair share of your travel budget and a cut down here would mean an amazing budget-friendly tour for you. The article here is a short brief on how to find affordable deals on flights.

      First of all, you must know that flight fares rise the most during the peak season. Thus, you will have some really expensive deals during Christmas, New Year, Easter or some special carnival that draw in a huge number of tourists from all over. Thus one of the best ways to assure cheap flight deals is to plan your holiday in the off season. As the off-season implies lack of traveling, the airlines lower down the cost on fares and a reservation this time can get some excellent savings. Another great way to find affordable deals is early reservation. Yes, in most of the cases, the airlines are ready to offer amazing discounts if you book at least 3 months earlier.

      On one hand you have early booking fetching you cheap deals, on another hand you have the coveted last minute deals. Actually, the airlines come up with very low flight deals at the last moment if the passenger seats are staring empty. The affordable deals at the last moment save the airlines from the agony of flying a vacant plane. Besides, you should mind the days while looking for the cheap deal. It’s especially vital if you are planning a shirt tour. Always remember that weekends (Friday-Sunday) will come up with expensive deals while the other days (from Monday-Thursday) can offer cheaper deals.

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      Dead Sea, Jordan: A Must-Visit Tourist Destination

      By cooldude | September 14, 2013

      Dead Sea JordanA visit to Jordan gives you the opportunity to explore the most interesting country in the world which is packed with ancient history, mesmerizing natural wonders and fascinating culture. When you do plan for a holiday in Jordan, you must make it a point to visit Dead Sea as it is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Jordan. It is basically a lake surrounded by West Bank, Israel and Jordan. Dead Sea is popular not only among the international visitors but also among the local inhabitants of Jordan.

      The water present in the Dead Sea contains very high quantity mineral and salt content because of which no plant or marine animal can survive in it. Due to this the lake is called Dead Sea. However, the water of Dead Sea has many healing properties. If you are suffering from some rheumatic conditions or skin problems then you can surely find relief in the waters of Dead Sea. The mud also has healing features along with the water.

      When you visit Dead Sea and get into the water, you will actually be able to sit upright or float in the water because of the large content of salt. The climatic conditions of the region are also perfect which makes it an ideal holiday destination. The sights around the lake are stunning and enchanting.

      Many tourists undertake a pilgrimage to the Dead Sea in order to get themselves baptized in the waters of River Jordan. There are many monasteries located here and you can stop by the Ma’in Hot Springs to get refreshed for a day or two.

      You can get hold of good quality resorts and hotels in the region. There are luxury resorts as well as the budget-friendly ones situated here. You have to pick the resort or hotel that will suit your budget.

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      A Visit To The Famous Beaches In Sri Lanka

      By cooldude | September 2, 2013

      Beaches In Sri LankaSri Lanka is a well-known tourist destination among the travel lovers. Those who would love to witness the beauty of nature in its pure form must plan a vacation to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is called the Tropical paradise of Asia and rightly so. You can get to witness enchanting beaches, captivating culture, exotic plants and animals, lashing waterfalls etc when you visit Sri Lanka and surely have a memorable vacation there. Many travelers who have been to Sri Lanka advice that to make your trip to this country unforgettable you must visit the eloquent beaches located in the island. Here are some of the famous beaches you must stop by when you are in Sri Lanka.

      Negombo Beach: This beach is situated very close to Colombo and the Bandaranaike International Airport. Negombo beach flanks the famous fishing town- Negombo. The beach is the usual hangout place for the residents of Negombo. Thus you can experience the way of life of the residents and enjoy the local flavors of the town in this beach. There are numerous accommodation facilities, restaurants etc found in and around the beach.

      Bentota Beach: Do you love water sports? If yes then Bentota beach can become a paradise for you. You can easily engage in water sport activities such as wind surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, diving, water skiing, sailing etc. Bentota is also famous as a honeymoon destination because of its romantic setting and atmosphere.

      Unawatuna Beach: The safest beach in Sri Lanka as it is protected by the reef. In this beach also enthusiastic travelers can engage in different kinds of water sports. You can undertake an underwater expedition from this beach to witness the beauty of the corals and aquatic animals.

      Some other beaches worth visiting are: Nilaweli Beach, Arugam Bay, Weligama Beach, Seenimadora Beach etc.

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      Discover the beauty of Switzerland

      By cooldude | August 23, 2013

      beauty of SwitzerlandAre you planning to go for a holiday trip? Going for a holiday trip to Switzerland can be the best option for you. Switzerland is a very beautiful country and probably the richest country in the world. Alongside its awesome picturesque scenic beauty, the culture and tradition of the country is also very rich. You should do a proper research about the country prior to your visit so that you don’t miss out visiting any place.

      Switzerland is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, some of whose highest peaks are covered with snow all the year round. As a result of which the weather is comfortable in Switzerland. Engelberg is a very beautiful small own in Switzerland. You should definitely spend few days there to experience the country life. The town is very small and so walking is the best way to explore whole town. You can also hire a bike and roam around the city. Paragliding, hiking, bungee jumping are some of the very popular sports in this place.

      You take a train from Engelberg and go the wonderful picturesque city of Interlaken where many movies have shot. The famous cog wheel train to Jungfraujoch, the highest peak of Europe also leaves from Interlaken.

      Lucerne is also a very beautiful city with a large lake in the centre of the city. A lot of people indulge in swimming and boating in this lake. Switzerland is famous for chocolates and watch. So if you are looking for some marketing then Lucerne is the best place. The beast watch stores like Bucherer, Patek Philippe, etc are in Lucerne.

      Zurich is also a very beautiful town with a number of beautiful lakes in and around the city. The Swiss Alps can be seen on the background of the city. Many big companies also have their head quarters in Zurich.

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