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      Niagara Falls: beauty to watch

      By qwcdirect | April 7, 2011

      Niagara Falls is undisputedly one of the world’s most mesmerizing places. People who visit this place are found to be lost within the beautiful scenes and a soothing voice of water falling down. It is truly something that unleashes the beauty of our planet and Mother Nature. People find it very difficult to capture the scenes of Niagara Falls inside their heart in just one instant.

      Therefore, they cannot move to any other destination unless or until they have enjoyed a day or two near this beautiful heaven on heart. Furthermore, to start the beginning of a new day near this place is a dream come true for everyone. When the sun starts to shine above the sky, the water gives some astonishing effects that sometimes look like a magic is being done in front of our eyes.

      It is not enough to visit Niagara fall in day light only. Because the lighting effects on this place at night are breathe taking. One should not miss these scenes in life.

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