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      Nepal trekking guide

      By qwcdirect | September 18, 2010

      Nepal, situated in the heart of the Himalayas, is a famed holiday destination for those sports and adventure lovers who love to go trekking and hiking. If you’re among those who feels the call of the mountains and wants to explore the majestic mountains, then Nepal is the place for you. The Himalayan and Annapurna range are hikers’ haven with the most wonderful trekking tracks for the traveller to explore!

      Nepal is best visited in October and November, considering that it is during this season that the weather is most favourable for hiking trips. Moreover, this is the time when the exotic flowers in the area are in bloom and the entire landscape is filled with colourful blossoms.

      A few things, however, need to be kept in mind while planning out a trekking trip to Nepal. A visa to enter Nepal needs to be arranged, without which you might get into trouble with the authorities. Another sanction, a trekking permit, is essential for trekking and you must be very careful in procuring one before you head out to the hills!

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