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      Haunting Places of Georgia

      By qwcdirect | July 7, 2010

      Georgia though is a beautiful city but has many haunting places in its name which are really scary. Trespassing in some of these areas is prohibited and cops will be called if anyone is found there. Acworth city in the Georgia state has a place named Allatoona Battlefield. In this place people hear voices of gunshots, strange orbs of light, voices, etc. Orbs of light have been seen emerging from the graveyard there.

      The Hopewell School in Alpharetta currently does not exist but during the 70’s seven elementary children died due to food poisoning. After this there was a strange presence felt by anybody visited the school. Near the city of Jesup in Altamaha Swamp strange visuals are seen. People see the spirits of Native Americans being performed there and scary rituals are carried out inside the caves. At the 3 bridges road a girl has been seen walking alone across the empty bridge at night. In Americus at the old hospital objects are seen being thrown out and very strange lights flashing.

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