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      Guide to Car Hire Insurance

      By GlobeTrotter | February 5, 2010

      nullCar hire insurance ensures that the person who hires the car has additional protection against the risks that he is exposed to while using it. The cost of car hire insurance is usually transferred to the hirer through a minimum insurance charge. This charge varies from one country to the other and from one insurance company to the other. The types of the insurable risks that are covered include theft, fire, and accidental damage and third party liabilities. In some cases, the ‘excess’ provision applies when it comes to car hire insurance.

      ‘Excess’ means that the hirer needs to pay a certain proportion of the total claim. The rental company should specify this amount so that you can make a comparison between many companies and end up with the best option. Sometimes, damage caused to wheels, tires, lights, roof and glass might not be included in the car hire insurance cover. Nevertheless, the amount that the hirer gets paid in case there is an accident can be very significant.

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