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      Explore the mystic aura of nature in Kerala

      By cooldude | June 8, 2013

      nature in KeralaKerala, located in the southern part of India is rich in diversity of the nature. Being situated in the tropical region, Kerala witnesses a very humid climate. Rain is very common and unpredictable here. This is the main region behind the lush evergreen forests in this state. You can also get to see deciduous forest in the hilly areas in and around the Nilgiri mountain range.

      The forest in Kerala has innumerous number of species of plants and animals. The forests are mainly dominated by species like rosewood, mahogany, teak, Cassia, plants from which we get spices like cardamom, pepper, etc.

      Many species of animals like those of tiger, leopard, elephants, grey langur, bear, etc can be found in here as well. Many reptiles most of which are poisonous are much common in the forests of Kerala. If you are a lover of nature, then you must visit Kerala to discover mystic aura of nature in this particular Indian state.

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