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      Enjoy your visit to the Maldives

      By cooldude | June 18, 2013

      travel maldivesWho doesn’t like to go on a holiday trip? If you are also planning for one, then Maldives can be a very good destination for you. The awesome scenic beauty comprehended by the sandy beaches, beautiful blue sky and the warm sea water have made Maldives the ideal place for spending a holiday.

      Getting a visa for Maldives is not a very difficult thing. You can get a visa for 30 days on arrival in Maldives as well provided you have got all the desired documents. You should take proper information about the flights connecting to Maldives since flights are available from selected airports only. As soon as you land on the country you will see that most of it is covered by sea water. You can hire a boat as your local transport in Maldives. If you want to spend your holiday lavishly, then you also go for hiring a private jet.

      Surfing is a must do thing in Maldives. The highest sea waves are experienced during March to October. You can also go for snorkeling and scuba diving. It will be a wonderful experience for you. You can see a number of colorful and attractive corals as well as various fishes under water. Finally if you are going to Maldives, pack your swimming costumes as you will not be able to resist the urge of swimming in Maldives.


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