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      Do you have what it takes to stay at the Stanley Hotel, Colorado?

      By cooldude | May 4, 2013

      Stanley Hotel, ColoradoThe Stanley hotel is situated in and around the Rocky Mountain area in the Colorado. The hotel is very large and has around 140 rooms. It offers awesome panoramic view of the Rocky mountain from the rooms of the hotel. But then there is a rumor in the market that the Stanley hotel in Colorado is a haunted one.

      So if you are planning to go to Colorado and stay at the Stanley hotel, then you have to be very courageous. The staffs and even many guests have reported to experience ghostly activities in the Stanley hotel. According to people, the ballroom is the main haunted place. Some of the hotel staffs have reported to hear noise of a party going and someone playing the piano, when it was actually empty.

      Reports of haunted activities in the hotel lobby have also been registered by many guests. So if you are planning to stay at the Stanley hotel in spite of all these things, then you have to have enough courage in you. If you don’t have strong enough nerves, then staying Stanley hotel is not at all a good idea for you as you can collapse in that circumstances and become traumatized.

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