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      Do watch the Aurora Borealis for a mesmerizing experience

      By cooldude | April 14, 2013

      You must have heard a lot about the Aurora Borealis and you must also of know of some people who keep on raving about the experience that they have had watching it. So, what exactly is the Aurora Borealis?

      The Aurora Borealis is basically the official name of the Northern Lights in the northern hemisphere. It is a breathtaking natural phenomenon and features an amazing display of colored lights over the Earth. French scientist Pierre Gassendi witnessed the lights for the first time in 1621 and he named it after Goddess Aurora, the Roman Goddess of dawn. The term Borealis is drawn from the name of the Roman God of north wind, Boreas. In the south hemisphere, this phenomenon is known as the Aurora Australis, which means the ‘southern’. The lights can be seen near the poles after dusk. They look calm and elegant but they are actually produced from millions of magnetic energy explosion.

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