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      Discovering the land of the Nile

      By cooldude | August 21, 2012

      travel to eguptThe country of Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt and is located in the north eastern part of the continent of Africa. Since Egypt house the splendid river of Nile, it is also sometimes referred to as the land of the Nile. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and is the largest city in Egypt. Some parts of Egypt also extend into the continent of Asia because it houses the Sinai Peninsula. The country of Egypt shares a border with Israel in its north eastern part, with Libya in its western part and with Sudan in its southern part. The river Nile greatly dominates the country of Egypt geographically.

      Egypt is famous in the world for its ancient Egyptian civilization, some of the most predominantly popular parts of which are the pyramids, the mummies and the hieroglyphs which are also one of the prime factors that channelizes the tourism exposure of the world to Egypt.

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