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      Dead Sea, Jordan: A Must-Visit Tourist Destination

      By cooldude | September 14, 2013

      Dead Sea JordanA visit to Jordan gives you the opportunity to explore the most interesting country in the world which is packed with ancient history, mesmerizing natural wonders and fascinating culture. When you do plan for a holiday in Jordan, you must make it a point to visit Dead Sea as it is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Jordan. It is basically a lake surrounded by West Bank, Israel and Jordan. Dead Sea is popular not only among the international visitors but also among the local inhabitants of Jordan.

      The water present in the Dead Sea contains very high quantity mineral and salt content because of which no plant or marine animal can survive in it. Due to this the lake is called Dead Sea. However, the water of Dead Sea has many healing properties. If you are suffering from some rheumatic conditions or skin problems then you can surely find relief in the waters of Dead Sea. The mud also has healing features along with the water.

      When you visit Dead Sea and get into the water, you will actually be able to sit upright or float in the water because of the large content of salt. The climatic conditions of the region are also perfect which makes it an ideal holiday destination. The sights around the lake are stunning and enchanting.

      Many tourists undertake a pilgrimage to the Dead Sea in order to get themselves baptized in the waters of River Jordan. There are many monasteries located here and you can stop by the Ma’in Hot Springs to get refreshed for a day or two.

      You can get hold of good quality resorts and hotels in the region. There are luxury resorts as well as the budget-friendly ones situated here. You have to pick the resort or hotel that will suit your budget.

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