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      Dead Sea at Jordan as tourist destination

      By cooldude | October 25, 2013

      Dead Sea at JordanIf you want to visit one of the most interesting and exciting countries in the world Jordan is the place for you to be in. Not only does it have a very rich culture but it has many historical significances as well as the natural scenic beauty. Dead Sea is one of the major tourist attractions at Jordan not only among the locals from the country but people from all around the globe come to visit this country because of the lake. The sea is a lake surrounded by the west bank Jordan and Israel.

      One of the very uncommon things about this lake is that Inspite of it being a lake which clearly means it is inland water, it is salty to taste. There is no life in or around these waters because of its very high salinity and mineral content. No plant growth or water animal gives it a very deserted feeling resulting in the name ‘dead sea’. But every con has a pro to substitute it for. The waters of the Dead Sea have very unnaturally high healing powers. Any skin disease or rheumatic conditioned patient will feel comforted in this water. The mud too has healing properties of its own thus making this lake and the place a wonder and a major tourist attraction; one of its kind.

      With mind blowing scenery around the lake and perfect weather to match up with it, Dead Sea is one of the ideal international tourist destination. One unbelievable thing about its waters is that you will never drown in it scientific reasons obviously apply here- very high salinity. There are monasteries for pilgrims who come here specially to get baptized and hot water springs for tourists who have come here for relaxing thus making this place an ideal destination for holiday.

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