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      Attractions offered by China

      By cooldude | January 26, 2012

      China is the most populated country of the world and it is also one of the countries that attract many tourists towards it. This country is very rich in history and heritage. It holds many different historical monuments that will attract the tourists to visit. The country has designated over 90 countries for the rich historical and cultural values. So if you are planning to visit China, be prepared for receiving a combination of history and modern day life.

      The Beijing is a city in china which is famous for the number of temples it has got to offer. You can visit these temples and attain peace of mind. Shanghai is the world’s most advanced metropolitan city. You can enjoy the fast modern day life in this part of the country. Tibet is famous for the Tibetan culture. There are many such cities in china where you can explore the various culture and cuisines in a single country.

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