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      An interesting tour to Egypt

      By cooldude | December 6, 2013

      tour to EgyptEgypt is a land of some of the most charming and glorious monuments, activities and past attractions in the world. Almost all the attractive spots are located around Nile River. Egypt is full of attractive sites such as pyramids, Luxor, red sea, etc.

      Pyramid- They are the tombs that were constructed for pharos and their queens to cover them. These pyramids belong to the old and middle kingdom. These are considered as one of the wonders of the world. These pyramids took centuries to be constructed. The great pyramid of Giza is the chief of all the pyramids.

      Luxor- It is measured as the top destination travel in Egypt. It is an open museum with well conserved monuments. It exhibits exclusive and unmatched artifacts that are not possible to found in this earth. The favorite tourist hot spot is covered by various monuments and temples.

      Sham el sheikh- It is another charming city of Egypt and is located on the southern end of Sinai Peninsula. It is one of the most exceptional diving spots in the globe. Its clear crystal water and sandy beaches will please your eyes. This place is well known for its series of sulphur springs and it is known that it can cure skin disease and rheumatic disorders. This exceptional site is located to the right of the three conserved parks Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Park, St.Katherine National Park and Nabs protected area.

      Abu simbel- It is one of the most remarkable and archeological site of Egypt. It is a fraction of UNESCO world heritage site of Nubien Monuments. This is a place of two temples that are engraved out of sandstone cliffs. The great temple of Ramses II exhibits a four seated statue of Ramses II with three other gods.

      You cannot miss the captivating site known as city of dead. Here you will find interesting pyramids.

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