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      All about Australian Summers

      By cooldude | February 17, 2012

      Australian summers are usually warm and long and exposes you to nearly 7 and half hours of bright sunshine every day. Thus, Australia is a great holiday option for people looking for a decent place to escape from their too chill surroundings. Australia features an average temperature ranging between twenty-five to thirty degrees Celsius which could be just perfect for your ideal summer vacation. What more the bright summers in Australia are often made livelier with the beautiful tulips swaying happily. In fact, the continent has always been regarded as an ideal place for summer vacation given its vibrant weather, flowers and greenery.  However, in comparison to the Northern part, the southern part of Australia comes up with a comparatively better and more pleasant weather in the summer months. The places such as South Australia, Victoria, New S Wales and Perth city presents with a more temperate ambience and are worthy of visit at this time of the year.

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