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      A Tourist’s Guide to Palm Beach Florida

      By cooldude | October 24, 2012

      Palm Beach , beach destinationPalm Beach Florida or Palm Beach Island is a beautiful place situated in Florida which attracts tourists from all over the world in large numbers. If you’re looking for a serene yet exciting retreat in amounts clear blue seas, white sandy beaches and sun kissed environment, Palm Beach Florida is the place to be. The temperature is warm and never below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. But during November to march a cold chill is felt every now and then which blends in beautifully with the heat of Florida.

      Some of the major attractions of Florida Palm Beach are the Breaker’s Hotel, Four Arts Garden, Worth Avenue, Mar a Lago, Whitehall Flagger Museum and Pan Garden. You can get hold of various good hotel and spa packages in Palm Beach Island and there are so many shopping centers and flea markets in this place that you’ll be able to fill up your stay successfully. Also the exotic local cuisines and nightclubs and bars will keep you busy as well.

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