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      A guide to camp heating

      By cooldude | January 21, 2013

      camping, travel guideIf you’re going camping then one of the first things which you should think of is camp heating. Winter camps and camps in colder areas always are much more fun but you need to make sure that you get enough warmth when you’re out in the wilderness. Of course, you’ll be taking sleeping bags and jackets, but you can’t afford to pack a lot as that would make you tired and too much luggage is also a hassle. Lighting a campfire is the first thing which would come to your mind.

      Take at least one sleeping bag, and one blanket per person. The jacket can be worn on the way to camping to save the luggage space. But before you go to sleep, make sure that the tents are not too close to the fire. Either put the fire out and snuggle into those sleeping bags or make sure you pitch the tents far from the fire. It could catch fire from blowing winds which could carry a twig or splinter to a tent. Or the smoke residue can turn into carbon monoxide and make the air poisonous to breathe.

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