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      5 ways to make the best out of your beach destination

      By cooldude | March 15, 2012

      beach destination, beach holidaysPlanning on vacation by the beach? There are many fun things to do while on a beach vacation. Who said all you can do is swim around in the water and set up a picnic spot? Here are the 5 top most things which you can spend time doing while you’re at the beach. The first is sunbathing. Why spend hundreds of dollars getting a spray tan when the sun is here to do the job. Get your best bikini out and apply tanning lotion and just relax.

      Secondly, who said sand castling is only for kids? Revisit your childhood and build your own castles in the sand. Take pictures and save beautiful memories. Then you can either go surfing or skim-boarding, in skim-boarding, you push yourself on the board a few inches in the water and get pulled into a wave. Lastly, classic beach volleyball never can bore you so get your sporty shades on and start playing. Use your imagination and enjoy as there are a hundred different things to do at a beach.

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