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      3 spectacular yet weird places to see before you die

      By cooldude | April 24, 2013

      If you are fond of travelling to different uncommon, weird but beautiful places in world, then there are many options you can consider going. There so many weird and strange places in this world that you can’t go everywhere. But before you die, you should go to few places so that you don’t have to regret at your deathbed that you couldn’t visit those places.

      You must have heard of The Door To Hell in Turkmenistan is a giant hole where there is an unending supply of burning gas and hot lava. It is not one of nature’s greatest creations since mankind also has a brief contribution behind its existence. The Door to Hell is always ablaze and according to scientist it may never go out.

      The Stone Forest in Madagascar is a very weird place you must visit before you die. The forest is formed by eroded pillars of limestone which rise as high as 70 meters. Many unique and attractive species including white lemurs can be found in the passage below as well as above the pillars.

      The Mount Roraima, a part of the Pacaraima Mountains is a massive table top plateau which is spread over three countries- Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. The height is around 400 meters and it is most weird due to the fact there is a constant collection and ascent of dense cloud cover. You will feel like standing on the top of the cloud cover.

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