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    • Top Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

      By Ricky | August 24, 2016

      While we are travelling, the biggest expenditure is of the booking cheap flights. There are various ways through which you can book cheap flights and save many of your bucks. Thus while booking flights, you must make all your efforts and try to book cheap flights. Here are some of the essential tips which can help you book cheap flights.

      When you have any pre decided date to travel, you must start searching for fare at early stage only. Starting to check early will help to get an estimate about the fare. It will also benefit you as if there is some day where the price is very low, you can grab the opportunity and book cheap flights. Thus checking the flights at an early stage only can give you much benefit. Prices of flights keeps on fluctuating, you never know at what time what will be the price, sometimes it can raise too much and sometime it can fall very low. Thus keep on checking every time, you never know when is your chance to book cheap flights. Booking cheap flights is like dealing in stock market, which totally fluctuating and unpredictable.

      Yes of course, timing do matters a lot for booking cheap flights. Knowing the right time to buy your ticket is by far the most important tip for saving many of your bucks. This is the key tip for booking cheap flights. This also depends upon where and when you are going but still checking out the right time is very essential. Sometimes you wait way too long for the price to fall and have to pay even more at later stage. Thus make a wise decision about the right timing and don’t wait too long, pull your trigger when the price is considerably down. Many of the times it can also affect adversely, the time when you buy flights thinking that it is lower can be the wrong time and the prices fall even low and you are in loss. Thus it is a tricky decision about the right time to book cheap flights at the right time.

      There are some specific days where the prices of flights are high and there are some slack days where the prices of flights are lower. You must travel on such days when the prices are low and you get benefitted from paying less amount of money. Usually the rates of flights are very much high on the days of festival. This is the time when most of the people are travelling and thus the rates go higher. Thus if possible avoid travelling during festive season. By doing so, you will be able to book cheap flights. Even Saturday and Sundays are those days when the rates of flights are too much high and thus avoid travelling on weekends. Weekdays are more preferable and even reasonable for booking cheap flights.

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      6 Interesting Facts about Bora Bora

      By Chris | July 27, 2016

      If you are thinking of going for visiting to one of the most beautiful yes interesting beach than mark my words, Bora Bora is considered to be your jam which you must definitely go for. Well, it seems to be more of dramatic but yes, you can call Bora Bora as the place of paradise which can help you in getting all your wishes go true. The breeze, white sand of the beaches, lushed green trees, sky image of water in it, etc. and such more of the things which you can definitely cannot go for missing it at all. Don’t you think it is very much interesting to know for the facts about Bora Bora which you can have while having your visit towards the beach. Well, well, I know you might be eagerly waiting for the interesting facts about Bora Bora which can help you in exploring more.

      Well, there are many interesting facts about Bora Bora which you must go for, and which is being further discussed below. Let me help you out with some of the examples which can help you in the matters of going for knowing about the interesting facts about Bora Bora like it is considered to be pest free area, another name of bora bora is romantic island, you will find more of underwater species over here, etc. and many such of the things which you can consider to be interesting facts about Bora Bora.

      Interesting facts about Bora Bora


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      Places To Visit In Mexico

      By Ricky | June 25, 2016

      Whether you have already planned your vacation to Mexico or just thinking whether Mexico is a safe place to plan a vacation? To get your doubt clear if you are thinking to go Mexico then it is for sure safe place to visit if you choose the right places to visit in Mexico and stay away with bad ones. If you want a great trip but you are tight on your budget and you cannot afford to go to any European destination then neighboring place Mexico is just the right answer for you. Mexico is an really a perfect spot as you have marvelous beaches, exciting night life, colonial towns, lush green jungles, mid blowing city and archeological spots and many more things to do and explore the place.  But apart from this beautiful side, Mexico also has its own violent side like drugs, murder, poverty, trafficking and this side puts you off when you think about visiting Mexico. Thus you might be wondering whether it is safe to visit Mexico or not. Mexico is for sure safe to visit unless you know which places to visit in Mexico and which not.  Here are some of the places to visit in Mexico.

      Mexico City was explored by Amerindians and it is considered to be one of the most oldest and ancient cities of America. Mexico city was originally built by Aztecs in the year 1925 as Tenochtitlan and thus the history behind the city is by far one of the best attractions which it has got to offer. Thus it is by far one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

      On the southwest of the Mexico lies this beautiful spot considered to be the largest beach along with being the Balneario resort city of Mexico. It is a 1950’s hotspot especially for the millionaires’ and Hollywood stars but still a great spot of attraction for many tourists as it offers a great nightlife. Nowadays Acapulco has become a very famous and renowned destination for Americans for want a great spring break searching for parties and explores the beach life. Thus if you are a party person then this is probably one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

      It is one of the urban vacationing places to visit in Mexico. It is a cultural center where you can listen to the mariachi music, you can also go to film festivals, you can visit book fairs and such other cultural events take place in Mexico. If you are interested in sports then it will amaze you to know that Mexico is the house of popular soccer team.  Thus along with this cultural places and things to do, Mexico has an amazing night life where you can drink and do parties and hang around and chill with your buddies. Don’t forget to try drinking the real tequila while you are visiting Mexico as it is the place where tequila was born. Thus these are some of the best and fantastic and also safe places to visit in Mexico.

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      Things to know before Visiting Dubai

      By Chris | June 7, 2016

      Well, Dubai is considered to be the Arab country and we all know that each and every country have their diffident rules and regulation which we need to follow up if we are visiting it. We all know that Dubai is considered to be one of the most mystical cities which we hear from many ways right? We all must have adequate amount of knowledge of the place which we are planning of visiting for because it is considered to be one of the unknown country for us and if we have little knowledge and details about it than it becomes easy for us to grab the opportunity of knowing it more clearly. So it is advisable to know about things to know before visiting Dubai.

      Well, there are many things to know before visiting Dubai because it is considered to be country which is certainly said to be Muslim country. So it is advisable to know about the things to know before visiting Dubai. There are many things to know before visiting Dubai like what to wear, go for booking your restaurants, say no to alcohol, etc. and many more of the things to know before visiting Dubai which is considered to be important factor to be taken in to account.

      Things to know before visiting Dubai

      The first and the foremost thing which you need to take in to account are to understand that Dubai is considered to be a Muslim country. Well, it is considered to be wearing modest clothes in front of the public. Yes, if you are visiting in malls than it is compulsion for men and women to get dressed in well manner and not showing off your body because it is considered to be against the law of the country. You can go for wearing your bikini and shorts in your hotel because it is considered to be international place which you can go for wearing what your wish to.

      It is not easy to get the stay and get the facilities in Dubai. Well we can say that Dubai is considered to be one of the spontaneous types of country where by your visit the restaurant and you get the things done. But it is more advisable to go for the advancing concept. Go for booking the restaurant and the stay which you have decided in earlier time which can help you in getting all sorts of your queries being sorted easily.

      Another important things which you need to as the important things to know before visiting Dubai is to get the information regarding having the alcohol. There are many restaurants which are available in Dubai but not all of them are considered to be having licensed permit. But for those who are internationally travelling has the permit to go for having the fun of alcohol with the restaurants which you will find in the premise of the hotels only. But it is more advisable of going for such type of alcohol or bars which si being present in the premise of the restaurants because it is not considered to be in the regulations of the country named Dubai.




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      Things to Do In Oahu: A Great Hawaiian Island

      By Ricky | July 6, 2015

      Hawaii is considered to be a great store house of islands. It is great chain of mesmerizing islands. Among this chain of Hawaiian Islands, considered as the gathering place Oahu is the third largest island of Hawaiian chain. Oahu properly justifies its nick name as a large number of people reside in Oahu and plenty of travelers visit Oahu for its eye pleasing views, Delicious food and attractive and interesting activities to do. Hawaii is a collection of various arts, languages, traditions, entertaining activities and much more. Talking specifically about our third largest island Oahu, it also offers attention grabbing activities to do and take joy of your visit in Oahu.

      Go to Luau

      LuauOahu’s existence represents a remarkable part of Hawaiian culture. Luau is such a place of Oahu which is a heaven on earth and depicts of the time by giving the people experience of how Hawaiian people lived, ate and have their wonderful traditional life and celebrations. Fascinating activities of Oahu includes stringing a lei, throwing a spear while you are knowing about history of Hawaii, weaving a headband and much more. The meaning of Luau is feast and coming to a place named feast how to go without trying out its special cuisine. Try out lomi salmon, taro bread rolls, juicy kalua pork and cold haupia. I bet you won’t regret trying any of these.

      Lolani Palace

      Lolani palaceHawaii was ruled by monarchy during the period of 1890’s. During this period of time lolani palace was the official residence of the king kalakaua, his sister, queen Liliuokalani, and their successor. Don’t forget to visit this royal palace and while your visit, see the feasts in the state dining room, see the private chambers of the royal family, also see the throne room and imagine the royal balls with dance and music. Don’t miss out the room where kings used to play cards.  The most interesting place is imprisonment room where the queen was arrested for 5 months and during that time the quilt that she sewed is also a thing to be seen while your visit.

      Koko head stairs

      Koko head stairsKoko head stairs, located within the Koko head park on the south shore of Oahu. Koko stairs is a stair master which includes 1000 steps giving you an awesome natural view. Decades ago, this trail was built originally as a rail road to bring the supplies of military to the bunkers up top. You will be able to take a view of skinny Koko head trail climb to the mountains if you are driving towards the Haunama bay. While your visit to Koko head stairs don’t forget to accompany yourself with a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a sun glasses, sunscreen , hat and water. You will need this all while climbing this 1000 stairs of Koko. Advisable time to go up there is sunset or sunrise and daytime would be difficult due to its unbearable heat. The view at the top will leave you breathless and stunned making you feel so lucky that you are in Hawaii.

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      Top 5 Beaches around the world

      By Ricky | April 30, 2015

      Beaches, a place where people of any age group can come and enjoy in the way they want. It’s a place to chill, relax, have pleasurous sun bath, enjoy bath, can go diving, can watch waves and many more activities to do. Here is an exclusive list of top 5 beaches around the world for you to visit.

      Anse Lazio, Seychelles

      Anse Lazio Seychelles

      Located in the Northwest of Praslin Island Seychelles, Anse Lazio is considered to be the one of the best beach. The peculiarities of this beach is that it has crystal clear water and pleasing scenery with eye pleasing views which grabs the attention of worldwide tourist’s. This beach is bordered by large granite boulders. It is not protected by coral reef like other beaches in Seychelles. It is one of the most photographed beaches across the globe and why not it would. The beauty of this beach is added by its velvety sand, deep blue waters and wide, long and leafy takamaka trees.

      Fraser Island, Australia

      Fraser Island Australia

      Situated in the South coast of queen’s island, Fraser Island is world’s largest sand island with unspoiled natural heritage. This spectacular island is world heritage listed covering a distance of 123 kms in length and 22 kms in width within an area of 1,84,000. It possesses the real natural beauty with sculpted from wind, sand and surf, striking freshwater lakes, crystalline creeks and lush rainforest. The rainforest are a real beauty in this island and it’s the only place where rainforest grows on sand. Other viewable things in this island are woodland eucalyptus, forests of mangroves, peat swamps and wallum, sand dunes and coastal health. It is a home to plenty of species like mammal species, diversity of birds, reptiles and amphibians, and in certain cases salt water crocodiles. It is a part of the fraser coast region and protected in the great sandy national park.


      Honokalani Beach, Maui

      Honokalani Beach Maui

      Located in Wainapanapa state park in Maui, Honokalani is a black sand beach. While exploring this beach, you can find seaside lava tubes, sea arc and sea caves. Some interesting activities which can drive you crazy are swimming, diving,  snorkeling,  and hiking trails. This island is a combination of rocks, high surfs and hot black sands which makes a destination more photogenic. The reason for its black color is that it was originated by lava flow which gone directly into the ocean while it was burning hot. This sudden temperature change caused lava to solidify and broke up into small pieces which is known as black sand beach. This island has a touch of adventures, while stepping into its entrance which is a cave you step up into a large cavernous room with pebbles which makes a crunching sound while your walk on it. You can also climb up the lava rocks to the opening in the roof of the caves. You can also have a fantastic view of sea bird colony, and anchialine pools.

      Bora Bora, Tahiti

      Bora Bora, Tahiti 1

      Known as the magical island, Bora Bora is located in the south pacific island Northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Bora bora is nicknamed as “romantic island” because of its isolated beaches, private and silent atmosphere and intimate hotels. It is surrounded by a motus and a turquoise lagoon which is protected by coral reef. This island is famous for scuba diving. It is also well liked for its luxury resort destination which offers a unique over water bungalows for a memorable stay.

      Whitehaven Beach, Australia

      Whitehavens beach, Australia

      Whitehaven beach is a 7 km stretch along whitsunday island in Australia. This beach is accessible by boat from the mainland tourists port of Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour and Hamilton Island. There is a swimming competition of 2 kms organized every year in November in this Whitehaven beach. One of the reason for its inclusion in top 5 is that it was awarded as the cleanest beach in queensland in 2008. In 2010 it was recognized as top eco friendly beach in the world. Here dogs are not allowed and even smoke is prohibited. This beach is famous for its white sand which consists of 98% of silica which gives it a pure white and shiny effect.



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      7 Places That Russians Want You To Visit

      By cooldude | January 16, 2015

      visit russiaRussia stands tall amidst snow capped mountains majestically, meandering rivers, thread like golden sands, lakes that run deep and an icy tundra region. Apart from the natural resources it is also bestowed with villages which are quaint and best of national parks. Apart from these the country has grandeur in terms of palaces, cities and piece of artwork. The place has been a source of inspiration for centuries old writers and poets. The destinations in Russia are massive and a year would also be less to visit all the places at a single go. To visit the exciting destinations here is your guide:

      1. Moscow – It’s a must to visit the capital of Russia that is endowed with richness in terms of capital, energy, art galleries, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. The capital city bustles with grandiose. Regarded as the finest institution of culture in the world you have to visit Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and Tretayakov Gallery. Amidst the grand architecture in political and cultural strata Kremlin and the Red Square will drive you through the churches and best sight of museums. Towards the north east lies the Golden Ring which is famous for onion shaped domes.

      2. Irkutsk and Lake Baikal – Irkutsk forms a compact city and Lake Baikal is also called the Pearl of Siberia boasts of wooden houses which have intricate carvings on them. To view the freshwater lake of the world Lake Baikal is your bet. For pavement side cafes there is Old Town where cheerful street artists are the major draw. UNESCO World Heritage site has listed Lake Baikal in its gambit. If you are a lover of flora and fauna you will get to see it in Lake Baikal. Trans Siberian Railway leads you to Lake Baikal.

      3. St. Petersburg – This city is regarded as the most modern city of Russia and if you are a history lover you have got theatres, libraries and museums to galore. For innovation there is Scandinavian architecture and can see bohemian cafes with underground clubs. The place is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. It has canals Nevsky Prospekt a shopper’s delight in neo classical style and you can enjoy fine dining too.

      4. Sochi the place of Olympic Games in 2014 is a major tourist attraction place which has resorts both for summer and winter season. Many luxury hotels are found here amidst the Black Sea. Sanatoria, humming birds and tasty delicacies are found here.

      5. Kazan – regarded as the oldest city of Russia, has been a draw for fencing and aquatic championships. Tatarstan brings you to a mix of Muslims and Russians with Kazan Kremlin as the emblem of beauty in terms of watch towers and churches. Bauman Street is a lively place to visit.

      6. Novgorod Veliky – Regarded as the orthodoxy pillar, there are monasteries and churches along with other places of worship. Sofisky Cathedral has remains of saints of 6 Russians and has the Our Lady of the Sign.

      7. Vladivostok – amalgamation of hill as well as the sea, Sportinavya Harbour in summer to Russky Island Bridge you can visit Vladimir which lies on the route for beautiful villages.

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      Things To Do In Chicago

      By cooldude | September 12, 2014

      travel to chicagoChicago is undoubtedly one of the most frequented tourist hot-spots of the world. The 3rd most populous city in US greets its visitors with a treasure trove of attractions that makes the Chicago tour one of the most unforgettable events of a lifetime. The beautiful city hosts something for everybody- regardless of gender, age and interests. Are you too planning a tour to Chicago of late? Well, then there are certain attractions that you should not miss out on you itinerary.

      • Navy Pier

      Your Chicago tour will stay incomplete if you do not hit the Navy pier that has been a landmark in the city since 1916. You will love the wide range of dining, shopping & entertainment options here including beer garden & IMAX Theater. Your kids will certainly love the Children’s Museum, Crustal Gardens and of course the giant 150 feet Ferris Wheel. Navy pier is adored for its spectacular lake view & the soothing cool breeze.

      • Chicago Art Institute

      If you are passionate about art, don’t forget to visit the Chicago Art Institute. The historical destination is revered as one among the greatest art museums of the world & deservedly so- you will find her phenomenal collections right from 3 thousand B.C. till the present day. The 2nd largest art museum of USA hosts masterpieces from all across the world, including both impressionist & post-impressionist paintings.

      • Chicago Botanical Garden

      The famous Botanical Garden encompasses a sprawling campus of 385 acres, jotted with twenty-three specialty gardens, structured on a range of lakes & islands. It’s like a living museum which is always bustling with year-round festivals, exhibits, special events & tours. It’s a must-visit, especially in spring & summer.

      • Field Museum

      Make sure to hit the Field Museum as well to get a taste of Underground Adventure. The Museum takes you to Egyptian tomb, brings forth Tsavo man-eater lions and also places you before glowing lava stream. You will able to discover interesting facts about worlds culture & environments.

      • Chinatown

      Don’t forget to tread across the Chinatown to get a feel of authentic oriental culture. You will love the sumptuous bakeries here handing out lip smacking almond cookies & chestnut cakes. Then, you have the tea stalls where you can relish a warm green cuppa.

      • Lincoln Park

      It’s the largest park in Chicago stretching across 6 miles. The park assures a spectacular view with its picturesque trails, lakes & paths.

      • Shedd Aquarium

      A family tour to Chicago is never complete if you don’t take your kids to the world famous Shedd Aquarium. It’s the biggest indoor aquarium in the world with 22,000 plus marine species from all across the globe. You will find some of the most exotic aquatic species here such as white-sided frolicking dolphins, beluga whales etc. The shark exhibit is one of the top attractions of the museum. You will also love the 4D theater show.

      Finally, don’t forget to hit the Historic 66 Route, the most famous highway of America.

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      Top 5 attractions of Dublin

      By cooldude | July 22, 2014

      attractions of DublinA trip to Dublin is always an amazing idea. With its treasure of both new and old attractions, the Irish capital promises memories of lifetime. It might not be possible for you to explore every Dublin delight in your taut itinerary but there are some attractions that every tourist to the beautiful city must make sure to experience in his/her Irish odyssey.

      1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

      It’s the largest church of Ireland and its rich heritage makes a visit compulsory for every tourist here. Founded in 12th century, St. Patrick’s Cathedral speaks of huge history- the legendary author Jonathan Swift had been the dean here and was buried in the Cathedral ground only. The church holds choral concerts everyday and you should try to get tickets for these soulful musicals.

      2. National Gallery of Ireland

      It’s another major attraction in the Irish capital and a must-visit for ardent art buffs. Located at Merrion Square, the art gallery houses an enormously rich collection of majestic European & Irish art works. There are around 2.500 paintings & 10,000 other artistic works in varied forms. Some of the best collections here include paintings by Jack Yeats & Louis Brocquy. The admission is free of charge.

      3. Phoenix Park

      If you are traveling to Dublin with kids, do not miss out on Phoenix Park. Hailed as the biggest enclosed urban park across Europe, the Irish Phoenix is even more than double the enormous size of Central Park in New York. The park assures an awesome treat on a breezy weather and don’t to pack in a racquet or cricket bat to assure a great outdoor time here. The best part and the most significant but about Phoenix Park is that it hosts the famous Dublin Zoo. Moreover, it is also houses Irish President’s residence.

      4. Dublin Castle

      Dublin Castle is another must-visit when you are planning a trip to the spectacular Irish capital. It was the erstwhile center of colonial regime in Ireland and of course is deep in rich history. The best bit about the Castle is definitely the legendary library Chester Beatty that houses some among the finest of Eastern artistic works of the world. It was founded by Alfred Chester Beatty, the iconic US mining magnate who was a great patron of the phenomenal eastern art. The business tycoon move all his artistic treasures to the Irish capital city in the year 1950 adding on another attraction in the huge list of Dublin delights. The Castle also houses police museum. You won’t be charged for touring across the Castle.

      5. Guinness Store House

      Finally, you must take time out to take a trip to Guinness Store House. It’s a huge impressive building with the core modeled as that of a big pint glass. The entire building comprises of 7 floors. Each of the floors demonstrates how the legendary Guinness beer is formulated. The topmost floor contains the maximum excitement as you have Gravity Bar there where you can relish a desired complimentary pint while enjoying the spectacular vista around.

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      Harry Potter Studio Trip Plan

      By cooldude | March 5, 2014

      Harry Potter StudioFor all ardent Harry Potter fans, a visit to London is surely incomplete without a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio which will give them the opportunity to peek into the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London- The Making Of Harry Potter will include amazing round trip transportation from central London. During the tour, you will be able to see the original sets of the Harry Potter film series. So, basically the tour will give you the chance to get behind the scenes and see for yourself how the film series was shot. You will be able to see the beautiful sets, complete with the costumes and props up close and can be rest assured that it will be a thrilling experience. The tour will also reveal to you a few closely guarded secrets and you will be able to check out how the animatronics and special effects which made the film series hugely popular actually worked.

      Once you step inside the studio, you will step into the magical sets of the film series and first up you will get the opportunity to step inside and discover the famous Great Hall for yourself. The Gryffindor common room, Professor Umbridge’s office at the Ministry of Magic, Potion’s classroom, Hagrid’s hut etc. are all there for you to see. You will also be able to go inside the mysterious office of Dumbledore and discover some never-seen-before-treasures. You can walk down the popular Diagon Alley can check out Ollivanders wand shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Flourish and Blotts and Gringotts Wizarding Bank. During the tour you will get the chance to see the iconic props that were used for the films, including the very famous Nimbus 2000 that Harry used or Hagrid’s flying motorcycle. You can learn how all the magical creatures were brought to life with life-sized models, special effects and animatronics.

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